Introducing QDX™ HealthID:
A Health Card to Get
the World Working Again...

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​Innova QDX™ HealthID


The Innova QDX™ Health ID Smartphone App can track and report test results privately with its encrypted blockchain security. HIPAA compliant, this easy-to-use app allows a person’s health status to be authenticated without sharing privacy data. 


Under its open system of Certifying Authorities (CA), the Innova QDX™ Health ID App and Platform supports multiple diagnostic tests and unique partner protocols. This provides the flexibility for organizations to set different rules and clearances for screening an IMG “health passport.” As many governments, such as the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, may have their own tracking app, the IMG architecture will adapt to different protocols. A private entity can develop a unique platform.

QDX™ HealthID, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Materials Corp (QMC). Stephen B. Squires, CEO, says, "This ecosystem offers a comprehensive set of COVID-19 testing options that can address the health safety needs of a myriad of industries and testing environments.” 


Using QMC proprietary blockchain technology, an individual’s health information remains private while instant data transmission and authentication to health officials help prevent the virus spread. The smartphone app (Android and iPhone devices) can identify people who have tested negative and aid in safely reopening communities. This always-on service provides end-to-end visibility to support testing and immunization for infectious diseases on a global scale.


Besides tracking the antigen rapid diagnostic test, QDX™ HealthID signed a distribution agreement with Innova Medical Group Inc. for molecular and antibody tests, as well as PCR swab tests to be included in its COVID-19 Ecosystem. Any person registered on the QDX™ HealthID platform can use an IMG-supplied test kit prescribed by a healthcare provider. 

Another feature of the COVID-19 Ecosystem is analytical modeling. COVIDlytics™ can quantify the risk on a country-by-country or state-by-state level. By automatically recording testing on an individual basis, a risk profile showing the prevalence of disease can assess local infection rates so as not to overwhelm health resources.


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